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Truly Great Treats

After years of being urged by friends and family to open a baking business, Sue Perl followed their advice and did so. 600 Sweets & Treats, LLC. was born in January 2013 and for the past three years has provided delicious, handmade, homemade baked goods throughout Milwaukee's North Shore and Southeastern Wisconsin. You can find Sue and her baked goods all around town at various events. In the meantime, she caters for everything from weddings to small family gatherings. 


These are treats you do not want to miss out on. Made from the most fresh ingredients and by an incredible woman with over 25 years of baking experience, you can taste the love in these amazing treats. Perfect for every occasion and can be made gluten friendly/dairy free/allergen free and kosher upon request. 


Our Testimonials

"Sue prepared a beautiful array of desserts for me for Rosh Hashana. The honey cake was as stunning as it was tasty and the apple strudel was to die for! I highly recommend 600 Sweets & Treats!" -Robin 

"In my unbiased opinion, this is the best bakery I've ever tasted. Order now. You will not regret it."


"Dear Sue, I was one of the first people that gave and always believe in you. 5 stars from me."


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Why Fresh Ingredients Matter 


The environment is important now, more than ever. That's why we use the most fresh, local and in season ingredients. 


From raspberries, mulberries and rhubarb fresh picked from Sue's personal garden to eggs and milk bought fresh from the Farmer's Market, these ingredients are helping the earth, making people feel fresh and making every treat even sweeter. 

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